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The Crog is a cross-breed of a frog and a crocodile.

Crogs are commonly found in ponds in back gardens, but are rarely seen during the day because they are habitually nocturnal. During the day, they sleep among weeds and rocks. During the night, large groups of them search for food.

Their regular diet is pond fish and many other creatures that are out and about during the night, such as birds, flies and, on some occasions, large animals such as foxes and badgers


How it hunts[]

Being a frog and but simaliar to a crocodile makes it an ideal predator. If its prey is too high up to be immediately entrapped at ground level, all it has to do is to jump and snap its mouth shut.

When hunting fish, it waits on rocks and watches the water; when it spots a fish, it quickly pounces on its prey and <horrifying details deleted in deference to a family audience.

When hunting bigger animals, such as foxes and badgers, the Crogs must be in large groups like piranhas, such a group can strip an animal of its flesh in a few seconds.