The Doogle is a large flightless bird, white feathers and fur.
It is a strong yet friendly animal, that is usually found in parks.

Since they cannot fly, they build their nests on the land, and not in trees, their nests are like regular birds nests, except their nests are much much bigger, their nests are made of sticks, and leafs. They get their name from their call, which sounds like "Dooo-oooo-gagaga-lllllle!"


These animals reguler diet, is bugs and insects. They catch their prey, simalerly to the way cats do. They will stalk their prey slowly, soon pouncing, catching their prey.

Meeting one Face to BeakEdit

If you meet one face to face, do NOT be scared, the doogle is a friendley creature, that dosen't harm humans, but if a person would go near a doogles nest, the doogle would start squawking loudely, and this will be a warning to keep away from its nest. They are becoming endangered from human polulation growing. One reason there rare to spot is that they are able to look like bald eagles.