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A Grue, is a is a box-shaped gap-toothed animal, Grues come in different sizes, but normal Grues are the size of fridges, they live in every country of the world.

Grues live in total darkness. They are quite dangerous animals, but if you meet one, do not worry,

because, they live in darkness and probably won't see you.


Grues feed on almost anything edible.

types of Grues[]

Normal Grue: These Grues are the same size of a fridge, they live in complete darkness, because, their skin is extremely weak against light, and if one is court in the light, it will melt.

Small Grue: These Grues, are the same size of small cd players, this species of Grue, dosen't melt in the light, which makes them capable of hunting in the day light, making them a lot more dangerous.

Sewer Grue: The Sewer Grue, is a species of Grue, that lives in the sewers, they are the same size as Small Grues. This species is weak against light like Normal Grues. Since this species of Grue can breathe under water and can squeeze through pipes, they hunt humans, by crawling through sewer pipes, and into peoples toilets, most of the time they fail, because, they hate human waste. Sometimes, if the human gets up for any reason, and the Grue gets in to the toilet, light sometimes shines on the Grue, causing it to melt, if this happens, just flush the melted remains away.

Creating more Grues[]

Grues are Male and Female, any type of Grue can lay at least fifty eggs, every twelve months. The eggs, hatch in about seven hours.


Here is a list of Grues weaknesses:

  1. Light. This only works on Normal Grues, Sewer Grues, and Crazy Grues, if any of these types of Grues, are court in any type of light, they will melt.
  2. Pizza. This works on any type of Grue, if a Grue would eat any type of pizza, it would explode, because, pizza is poisonous to any type of Grue.
  3. Dancing. All Grues are scared of dancing, if a Grue sees a person dancing, or moving around or jumping up and down, it will scream and run away.
  4. Randomness. If a Grue sees a person doing something random, it will get scared and run away screaming.

Grue Warning Signs[]

Grue warning signs, are usually put near roads, to warn people.