An Ocean Cow, is a type of cow that lives in the ocean.


The Ocean Cow and swims like a dolphin. They feed on seaweed and kelp..

This species of Cow, does not give of milk, instead, the udders, are used for spraying ink-like stuff at predators.

  Like many different breeds of Ocean Cows, we've found that some prefer to live in certain coastal areas. Such as the Harbor of San Diego, the warm waters of the Caribbean, off the cost of Florida, and off the coast of Egypt.

  The Ocean Cow, not very widely accepted in the aquatic world has been left reletively unheard of to the world's population and has been adopted as the mascot for several schools on the coast of Egypt. There is currently a movement to raise awareness for the love and support of our Ocean Cows. Some teams have also adopted the Ocean Cow as their mascot like A local Carlsbad high school's Color Guard.

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