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What is a Vidle?

The Vidle (Vi /as in vine/ dle /as in needle/) is a type of sheep. There is little known about the Vidle due to it being extremely shy and rare. The Vidle has very spiky wool which generates a little amount of static electricity, which it uses to defend itself. Young Vidles are known to aproach anything causing a lot to die young.

Where do Vidles live?

Vidles live in the Dutch dunes where they graze on Dunegrass. They are also seen grazing on seaweed (in deep water), implying their wool is waterproof or very warm. We do not know where they go at day as their never seen.

What do they look like

Vidles look a lot like goats with thick,black wool and enormous horns: Which are used to dig Dune grass out of the ground. Young Vidles dont have these horns and can thus only eat the blades (which arent that nutritous)